Friday, January 9, 2015

Jellynote - tabs and more

I've recently discovered a nice online tab service called Jellynote (I was looking for Buckethead's Soothsayer tab, and they had it).
They have the now-standard tab player in the browser (do you remember songsterr?) but with an incredibly enjoyable font and nice music notation. Yes, music notation is there as well, so you can practice sight reading or try to read the other instruments' score (such as piano or violin) that have no tab below them.

The difficulty of a part is marked from 1 to 3, but not all the tabs I watched had this feature enabled, so to me it did not appear 100% reliable. Anyway, it's good they have the feature there and they can improve it.
There are social features as well: you can create a profile and file tabs and songs into folders (useful to sort out tabs), request tab, follow artists and interact with other Jellynote members.
You can further play part of a tab in loops, slow down the meter and - as a paid service - play along the tab and let the site tell you how much of the song you got right (never tried that). There are learning opportunities.

yep, jellynote logo is awesome!

How can it help with practice?
The first way to use Jellynote is that of sorting out: 1. songs you can play; 2. songs you'd like to play; 3. songs you're stydying etc.
You can group songs by genre and them browse them when you're writing your music to get inspiration - or to see how the other instruments work, such as bass and drums.

What would be great to add
Jellynote could be even better with the chance to copy and paste tabs into new tabs. I'd love to have that to create some practice book that is fully made of music. Hope they'll add it soon!

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