Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ditones (guitar exercise) vs. Ditone (interval)

Sometimes terminological clarifications are needed.
DITONES, the book of guitar exercises by Begotti and Fazari happens to have the same name of ditone, that is used to refer to the interval of a major third (e.g: C-E).

ditones book cover

Actually, in Italian "dito" means finger, and a "ditone" (singular) is a big finger. Hence using DITONES method you'll end up having big functional fingers, as Paul Gilbert.

This story has something useful for us all as practicing guitarists. "Ditone" also means two tones, i.e. more generically an interval.
Is there a way to combine ditones as playing the two notes of the interval and the DITONES approach as a method of exhaustion of the available combinations?
How can we improve our guitar practice relying on that fact?

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