Saturday, July 26, 2014

From shred guitar mechanics to music theory and music

As guitarists, we all came across 1234 exercises, guitar gyms, picking workouts, speed methods, chops development and so on. You may find them boring, you may find them useful but as a shredder you'll have to spend some time on them.

That book had me started practicing on a daily base with goals in mind, having and idea of where I was going. Something that I have never experienced before.
I also started to use it to approach music and see a lot of guitar stuff ditones-like or ditones-oriented.

Here I’d like to discuss how ditones can be further extended, what are the best ways to practice them and approach the guitar without getting stuck into the playing-exercise guy and explore ways in which we can fill that technique to music gap.

Too often in shred guitar you can play a scale at 200 bpm but still not nail down a tune from Led Zeppelin IV and, when asked to strum some chords and sing along something from a nice Tegan & Sara album you make an ugly face.
[That’s me, except that I also fail the 200bpm scale]

So here we go: how can we get the most out of ditones?
How do we go from ditones to music?

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These are the issues we're gonna cover...

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