Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ditones how to: what are ditones and how to use them part II (Guitar practice)

Here's the second installment of the  "Ditones how to: what are ditones and how to use them" that explains ditones, the guitar technique method created by Donato Begotti. In the first part we've seen what are ditones, now it's time to see how to use them. It's time to shred with ditone!

2. How to Use Ditones?
Now that we've learnt the basic philosophy of ditones, we can see how to use them. The idea i to use the previous 24 single string exercises, expanding them into more complicated mechanics. Here are a few examples:

1) what about playing ditones on a string and its attached one - 1234 on B string and 1234 on E string - then go up a position and go for the inverted ditones; 4321 on E, 4321 on B? Then repeat for the other 23 combos and on different sets of two strings...
2) what about playing on sets of 3, 4, 5, 6 (or 7 and 8, if you have them) strings?
3) what about ascending in groups of strings?
4) what about using string skipping when playing ditones?
5) what about having legato ditones?
6) what about changing rhythm figures, e.g.: How many 1234 4321 repetions you need to fit triplets or sextuplets patterns?

That is the way to unleash the power of ditones. A few combinations - 24 - cover all the finger independence mechanics. Once you master them, you can create different exercises covering all the other guitar mechanics that goes beyond the finger indepence: changing strings, picking different rhythmic divisions, odd meters, legato, string skipping.

For you own convenience, here's again the ditones chart for you to apply some variations on:

ditones chart

[image credits: Donato Begotti]

As already said in part I, there's little music involved into the combinations but that's better because it makes you focus on your sound and technique.

If you want to know more about ditones, consider the ditones book by Begotti and Fazari which has backing tracks, progressive goals and bonus levels. Remember that ditones can be further extended.

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